About Us

We are dedicated to serving you, the merchant, to the best of our capability with top-knotch support and the latest in payment processing technology at a price you can afford. We have specialized in providing exceptional quality service to the restaurant, lodging, and retail sectors. We also recognize the extreme demand for “contactless” and “card not present/ telephone order” options, and therefore specializes in this market.

We believe that by staying informed, you are provided with a sense of safety, and when you understand every part of your merchant services and are happy with your savings, we have succeeded in our role.

Respect between merchants, employers, and employees is crucial to how an organization functions. Our policy is to ensure that every matter is handled with proper care and support, to your satisfaction.

We are here to break the cycle of shady business practices in the merchant processing industry—because we value our customers.

Our Capabilities

Our company provides safety, speed, and savings with our No Fee, No Touch program. We can provide easy-to-use contactless payment systems for EMV card and mobile wallet users, as well as traditional chip and swipe methods. And we will provide you with the best of these services at the lowest rates.

With our large network of financial institutions and processors, we can assist the “card not present” merchant, and the standard retail merchant. With nearly a 100% approval rate, our courteous and well-trained sales staff can tailor a merchant account specifically designed for your business needs. Our staff will provide you with the proper equipment and software, specifically designed for your business.

  • All of our terminals come equipped with NFC technology.
  • Our POS comes with built in gift & loyalty programs.
  • Our POS systems are capable of processing contactless, EMV chip, and MST cards
  • Our terminals are compatible with mobile or digital wallets (Apple, Android, Samsung etc.).
  • We provide top-notch customer service and support.

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